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weathering\ weth -er-ing\ (gerund, derived from verb 'weather'); the wearing away or changing the appearance or texture of (something) by long exposure to the air.

you will be mad at me for sharing this photograph. you will complain that you look like an old man.

today i stood with you, old man, humbled and tiny-ed in forests of ancient trees, trees that appeared to have been carved from fiberglass by a master scenic artist, hand dusted in paprika, and made ready to ship to some cliché theme park river raft ride. each of these trees bore aching crevices and scars in their trunks. each of these trees was older than any concept of time either you or i could fathom, and each of these trees wore their wrinkles well.

so, come here, old man, and let me whisper you this:

tonight, i will trace your lines with my fingers and read the rings of your life story like braille. i will teeth-kiss your grey-mossed chin, and memorize the rises and licks of your scars with my tongue. tonight, once we have scraped out the earth that this wilderness lathers on us by day, i will press my wrinkled forehead to yours, and we will snaplock together like a crusty old set of tupperware... for there is a hurting beauty in this tomfoolery we call aging, and we are two of the lucky ones, who get to behold it.