37° 44'N   119° 35' W

shuck\ shuhk\ (verb, used with object); to remove or discard as or like shucks; to peel off.

and so begins three hundred and sixty five gentle awakenings, a rhythmic, circadian alarm system,  three hundred and sixty five days set only by lengths of light and dark. we are glad to have two californian cities in our rear view at last, their dope hazed skylines and dirty streets filled with fallen angels talking out loud, actors and lunatics, memorizing lines.

we will slowly shed our glossy antipodean lives and shuck the luxuries of having a fixed abode.

we will play house in a twenty square metre box on wheels.

we will develop a casual intimacy with the knots and whorls of the roads we will travel.

we will write, sleep, eat, forage, learn, break down, hike, fight, make up, scream at the sky and meet people who will seem like they have walked straight out of a movie script.

we will play lots of card games.

we will get lost, and we will get found; we gypsies, we waifs, we vagabonds.