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earthed\ ərTH-ed\ (adjective); grounded, connected electrically to the ground.

five and a bit weeks ago we lived in a home that was firmly attached to the ground. we did not have to tie down our microwave before we left each morning. we did not have to empty the contents of our toilet every three days. we had open shelves, with pretty little vignettes of breakable stuff on display for us to admire. we would take out our rubbish without fear of running into a bear on our driveway. our cupboards generally stayed closed and there was no concern of them flinging open when we approached the hairy-er hairpins of life.

we faced each day straight on, at a ninety degree angle, we never woke up wonky, or worse, sore, because our bed in that home was never on a lean and our sleeping muscles never had to cling to the mattress to keep us from rolling out in the middle of the night.

it all seems very hard to imagine now; no wonky days, in a life that was firmly attached to the ground.