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tipsy \ˈtip-sē\ (adjective); unsteady or foolish from drinking : slightly drunk

you and i on a tiny-tin boat, dragonflies and bees resting on the pages of our books. me, weeping and sniffling at the sadness in mine, already drunk on sparkling wine (neither of us is sure if it's before or after midday, but we both acknowledge that this mariner's business is thirsty work). you, in your flannelette shirt, a long luminescent thread of spider web impossibly attached to your shoulder, tethering us to god knows what; we are smack back in the middle of a lake.

in the afternoon we head back to our little cabin, smiling and rowing, (you say i smile and row like a five year old) where later we will scratch out the beginnings of a shopping list, which whose bullet points squeal the joy of our ridiculous, intoxicating, sugared, delectable life:

- prosecco

- marshmellows

- pancake mix