50° 56' S      73° 24' W

fold \fohld\ (verb); 1. to bend (cloth, paper, etc.) over upon itself.  2. to bring into a compact form by bending and laying parts together. 3. to bring (the arms, hands, etc.) together in an intertwined or crossed manner; clasp; cross.  4. to bend or wind (usually followed by about, round, etc.). 5. to bring (the wings) close to the body, as a bird on alighting.  6. to enclose; wrap; envelop. 7. to embrace or clasp.

we are just returned from the bottom of the world, where an antarctic wind folded us in thirds.

on the first day, it smacked us in our guts and brought us to our knees in beds of shale, puppeteering us, our arms spasming over our heads in wild genuflection, our lips splayed like a skydivers in silent screaming prayer.

on the second day, the wind found it's way inside me. it tore from my body for twenty four hours in great, bronchial sobs, burning my ribs, scarring my throat.

on the third day we took refuge from it, as it continued to seek refuge in me. it crawled underneath the fly of our tent and slunk into our sleeping mouths so that i woke again and again, heaving and heaving the dry ice from my lungs.

on the fourth day, the wind changed. it pushed us up the mountain, past llama and pink flamingo and a red fox and her ginger cub. at the top, the antarctic wind snatched up the finest of snowflakes, and danced them around our heads as we climbed.

we are just returned from the bottom of the world.

there there is still some of it cycloning inside of me.