29° 53' N    97° 40' W

southern\ səT͟Hərn\ (adjective); 1. situated in the south or directed toward or facing the south.  2. living in or originating from the south.

we are back in the south where it is raining and it sounds like we are in a tin can, where sleep comes slowly and is slung with spanish moss.

louisiana. we are sitting at a marble bar and slugging oysters and cheap cava, and then we are revolving through a heavy door into a heavy night with streets cobbled with shiny plastic beads. a man in suspenders is resting his beard against the neck of his cello and a thimbled woman is stroking a washboard; tender, smoking a cigarette; so tender!

everywhere, there is music.

in the morning these sidewalks will be vibrating from the thump of the tubas, the oaks will be shaking from the trill of the trombones.

but by then we will already be elbow deep in texas, you and me, gnawing ribs as big as femurs, all greased up chins and slippery fingers. the smoked flesh will taste like the smell of wet campfire. it will make my heart swell to my sinuses, make me weep with gratitude for our soggy, shiny, smokey life on the road.